Protect Your Home With a Sump Pump

Protect Your Home With a Sump Pump

Schedule sump pump repair or replacement in Merriam & Overland Park, KS

Protecting your basement and crawl space from flooding has never been easier thanks to Fratzel Plumbing. We offer a variety of sump pump repair and replacement services in Merriam, KS and the Johnson County area. You can count on us to keep your sump pump in tip-top shape so that your home is always safe from water damage.

Want even more protection? We can install a battery-powered backup sump pump in your home.

Call us at 913-825-6887 to discuss your sump pump replacement or repair needs with a local expert.

4 signs you need sump pump repair service

Your home's sump pump is designed to collect water that could threaten your basement or crawl space and pump it out of your house. If your sump pump isn't working as it should, it could lead to significant water damage. You should call us if:

  1. There is standing water in your basement
  2. You smell mildew or see mold growing in your basement or crawl space
  3. Your sump pump is making strange noises
  4. If your basement is finished and you do not have a sump pump

We're equipped to work on sump pumps of all types and can resolve most issues in a matter of hours. If your sump pump is beyond repair, you can count on us to install a new one for you ASAP.

Contact Fratzel Plumbing today to speak with an experienced sump pump replacement specialist in Merriam, KS and the surrounding areas.